Bug in Redux Course

I’m doing the Redux path in order to practice a little since it’s being a while since I have use redux so , I’m at the 'Send Action to the data Store ’ section and I’m entering the right answer but the console appear to not react and keep saying that the answer is wrong

I skipped that chapter and tried the ‘using applyMiddleware to handle async actions

The answer to that chapter is just:

Redux.applyMiddleware(requestingData) ;

and them inside the setTimeOut :


But the console appear just to not react accordingly giving me the pass to next challenge. I think that’s because a bug but I don’t know where to report it on github so I’m doing it here :slight_smile:

do you have a code example of what is not passing? I was a little stuck on this for a while but then I realised that is looking for a state object {login: true} and not the correct way to solve the problem