Bug in Responsive Web Design (Beta)

Pretty sure step 4 is broken. I couldn’t complete it, then literally copied the solution from step 5, and it still did not work. I changed the name attribute from “viewport” to “description” of a meta tag from step 3, and it worked. The test is probably written for the first meta tag with name=“description”, or some other little bug.

p.s. despite few little bugs, I love the beta version, my all time favorite thing on freeCodeCamp

p.p.s is this the right place and right way of suggesting minor improvements or reporting bugs I noticed during doing the courses?

I’m not able to reproduce a bug in that challenge. Can you share the code that you wrote which fails the tests and tell us what the failing tests say? My guess is that you had a typo in your solution that you couldn’t find and that’s why copy-pasting worked.

it did not work after copy-pasting initially, that’s why I opened this topic, but I’m having trouble recreating it too, haha, will update if it turns out to be NOT my mistake.

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