Bug in rock paper scissors using javascript

Hi community I can’t fix a bug with in my code please helpcodepen

Hello i am new to javaScript,
But this is wrong :

const result_p = document.querySelector(‘.result p’);

(RESULT NULL i think you can put directly p)

const computerChoice = getComputerChoice;

( The function getComputerChoice is not invocated)

‘${convertToWord(userChice)}${smallUserWord} equals ${convertToWord(computerChoice)}${smallComputerWoed}.It is a draw!’

Have to be with `` not with ‘’;

convertToWord(userChice) function dosen’t exist, it exist just converToWord(letter);

You missed a letter,

userChice is not defined, but userChoice it is;

You missed a letter again;

smallComputerWoed is not defined, but smallComputerWord it is;

You missed a letter again;

Pay more attention