Bug in the button that opens the screen in full size

Hello, good afternoon. I report an error in the button that allows you to view the full screen of your web page. When the page opens, it stays blank and never loads.

Can you give us more information? Which step is this happening on? Does it happen on other steps? What OS and browser/version are you using?

We might need even more information, but that would be a good start.

The error occurs when you click on the button next to “preview” to view the code in the browser on a large screen. It never loads the content in the new tab. I tested it in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on two Windows 10 computers, under two different accounts. The problem occurs in all the exercises of the new responsive web design course.

Thank you for that additional information. It does seem like that functionality is broken at the moment. I’m going to do a little more research and then I’ll open an issue on github (if one hasn’t already been opened).

I saw that too yesterday. If you copy and paste the HTML it seems to re-trigger the preview.

Yes, but the same problem continues if the screen is maximized again.

Thank you very much bbsmooth.

Yes, you keep having to update the files (HTML or CSS) to have it work. Not sure why it isn’t working on the initial load.

Edit: It affects the embedded preview as well. If you switch back to the preview pane after you open the blank pop-out the preview pane is blank as well.

Yes. You’re right. I also had that problem.

Ahh, I see @lasjorg is on to something. Before posting this I discovered that if you make a single change in the editor (such as adding a single space) then the preview will refresh and display again.

True, but the maximized screen still doesn’t work.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. Can you give me exact details on how to trigger it?

This is the problem. Clicking on this button does not load the project. You only see the blank screen.

Yes, I understand the problem. What I don’t understand is that you mentioned something about “the maximized screen still doesn’t work” and I’m not sure what you mean by that. I need you to explain that in more detail. To me, it sounds like you are saying there is a different behavior depending on whether the browser is maximized or not. But maybe I am not understanding you correctly.

I was referring to this bug. I use that button to be able to display the full screen. The button that I show you in the screenshot. Sorry if I didn’t explain it well.

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