Bug (minor): Extraneous line in Example



const array = [50, 60, 70];
const data = array[1];

array[0]; should not be there.

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The line is part of the example and getting explained below.
You are right, it doesn’t serve any purpose in the actual code - but it is there for a reason and should not be removed.

It would be better if the example’s description says no space should be in between “array[1]”; thus, eliminating the need for “array[0];”.

[This is not assembly where instructions which appear to do nothing are actually used for timing purposes.]

The line where array[0] is used is directly below the code:
array[0] is now 50 , and data has the value 60 .
And it’s there to show what it means for the first element to have index 0. That’s why it cannot get eliminated in general.

I suggest


similar to https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/basic-javascript/manipulate-arrays-with-pop

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Better yet, just make it a comment so you don’t have to explain about console.log():

// array[0] is now 50

I’m not wild about commented out code. That is worse, in general.

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Or just leave it as is - array[0] is 50. That’s a fact. And the line in the code is not wrong. Useless for the code, but not wrong.

no comments in examples, for localization issues

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