Bug or my lack of knowledge?

I’m currently doing the (New)Responsive Web Design course and in the “Learn Accesibility by Building a Quiz” at step 9 it says that i have to create an aspect ratio of “35:4” but when i do it like that it gives me the error that it should be “35 / 4” but it never told me to put it like that until i did it wrong, so i would like to know if that’s a bug or something else please.

Hihi! I’m actually on the exact same spot right now

I don’t think it’s a bug per se especially because there is an error message that clarifies, but yeah no it’s not clear from the lesson itself that it should be formatted 35/4 instead of 35:4, especially because the Step uses the same formatting for 35:4 that it typically uses for things that you should paste in/type in exactly

EDIT: apparently the error message actually doesn’t clarify at all, so i’ve opened a ticket

I think you make a good point here, that is slightly deceiving.

As far as not giving the proper formatting of the aspect ratio in the instructions, this may have been intentional? I believe that one of the design choices in the new curriculum is to encourage the user to do a little more research on their own instead of spelling everything out in the instructions. So perhaps this is working as intended?

Potentially, but i’ve had a few issues like this and while i’m totally fine with researching to figure out what I’m supposed to do, i’ve had people clarify that the goal is to not have people leave the site to figure out things, and that things should be covered up to that point.

it might be as intended, but from what i have been told it sounds like an oversight

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