Bug report. Lesson 'CSS Flexbox: Add Flex Superpowers to the Tweet Embed'

The mentioned lesson has the following bug: each time I run the tests I fail the same test (.follow-btn) despite it being correct. I even copied the solution provided in the hint and it fails as well.

Here is the output of the test:
// running tests
Your .follow-btn should have a display property set to flex.
// tests completed


I also noticed than in this example there are a couple of buttons (the ‘share’ and ‘follow’ buttons) that do not show up in the preview. Perhaps there is some compatibility issue?

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As a sanity check, are you running any browser extensions? Specifically ad blocking extensions, which are known to erroneously block the follow button on this challenge.


Yes, I am running an Ad Blocker extension. After disabling it I was able to pass the challenge. Thanks.

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