[BUG]Steamroller challenge

There is an error in my code that made my browser hang. For some reason every time I now reload that page my browser hangs. Please help.

Do these help?

  • Close the browser, then physically delete all of its cache.
  • Visit the problem page using a different browser (Firefox / Chrome / opera / IE) and, it it doesn’t hang as well, remove your code from the challenge
  • Disable JavaScript in the browser, visit the problem page and clean it out. For Firefox, you can install the “NoScript” add-on to do this. There is probably an equivalent extension for Chrome).

In general (and if it’s Firefox or Chrome), the browser shouldn’t be hanging forever. There is a timeout, after which the browser should ask if you want to stop the script. It works even when your script creates an infinite loop, I’ve been there myself :slight_smile: How long have you waited?

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Thanks. Opening in Microsoft Edge fixed it for me.