Bug with Dark Reader

Hey guys,
I know the recalibrated site is still a little buggy.
I just had an issue where, even with the correct code, the test did not run as correct while I was in dark mode using Dark Reader. Once I toggled to not using it, the code passed the test.

I thought this might be helpful for others who are trying Dark Reader with the newer interface, and of course, helpful to the people working on this site.

For the record, I’m currently working in the Basic CSS portion of the material. However, tests have run while using Dark Reader before. I’ve been actively using it up until now.
I don’t know if that helps locate any possible errors. Just thought it might help a bit.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for bringing this up in case anyone else is using Dark Reader
I’m assuming that Dark Reader is a browser extension that alters the CSS of web pages that you’re looking at. There isn’t really a way to anticipate how unrelated software might alter FCC, so if anyone uses extensions like that and is having trouble with the site then they should try disabling the software.