Bug with the challenge?

I started Data structures in Interview preparation section almost a week ago. Today, I reached to the challenge named Create a doubly Linked list

I haven’t tried this challenge here before, but code was already written in the Editor.

If it’s a bug, then please fix it​:grin::grin:


This is the challenge seed for that lesson:

var Node = function(data, prev) {
  this.data = data;
  this.prev = prev;
  this.next = null;
var DoublyLinkedList = function() {
  this.head = null;
  this.tail = null;
  // Only change code below this line
  // Only change code above this line

To confirm, you saw additional code beyond this?

When I hit run tests, code passed all tests.

Two method were declared between these lines, which was required for the challenge

reset the code, then

code is stored in local storage. If you share your computer this can happen, if you did this already in the past this can happen

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No chance of sharing the compute.
I think I got the issue…

Maybe I pasted code from this forum to debug issue, and unknowingly hit ctrl + S
Maybe I’ve saved code in this way, even before starting the data-structure series.

Thank you everyone for the replies​:grinning::grinning: