(BUGGED) Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline - Step 52

Hello there!

In this step, all they want me to do it to change from “linear-gradient” to “repeating-linear-gradient” but i still get test error. I know that its right, i quadrouple checked everything. I know i can just skip the step but i want it “confirmed”.
Maybe a staff will read this and can check that step for me? ^^

Thx for now!

Confirmed - the test works fine. Please post your code so we can help you fix your bug.

Oh, im sorry then! :open_mouth: Here it is:

.bb2b {
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
  background: repeating-linear-gradient(
      var(--building-color2) 0%,
      var(--building-color2) 6%,
      var(--window-color2) 6%,
      var(--window-color2) 9%

You changed this line. Since the test didn’t expect you to do that, it marked your solution as wrong.

Oh no… XD Step before asked me to put 0% and at the next step i though i somehow deleted that portion since the code passed so i put it back. So “0%” passed before but not now. Kinda my bad still. Thx <3

I restarted the test too but the 0% was saved. I should have been aware ^^ Thx again.

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Also sorry for the “bugged” part, jikes. Will sit down and use Ask for Help button next time.

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