Bugging them for a job

I want to share a short story about getting hired as a Web Developer as a woman over 40. My story is about building a career as a developer while working in a non-developer position.
I started working for my employer in a non-developer capacity around the same time as I was finishing up the fCC legacy curriculum, about four years ago. I developed an app for my work tasks. During the development process, I went to discuss this project with some of the developers in the IT department.
Recently, when they interviewed me for an internal Web Developer position, the interviewers were familiar with that project. In the intervening years, I had been channeling my energy into this and other pet projects. I’ve built up enough of a portfolio to get hired.
I’m sharing this message in particular for people who might feel overlooked in their job search, or perhaps discriminated against. I remember feeling like I was really bugging the people in the IT department when I discussed technical issues with them. Maybe I did, but the discussions helped demonstrate how I was self-teaching in the spirit of fCC.
I love fCC and the volunteers that make it happen. Wishing everyone happy coding!


Thanks for sharing your story here, Tracey. And congratulations on your new role. I am thrilled that you were able to transition into a developer role within your same organization.

I imagine this is making your first few months a lot easier than they otherwise would have been, so you can focus on learning codebases rather than learning a bunch of new names and new policies. :slight_smile:


Hey there,

thanks for letting us know!
I’m really happy for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations and All the Best.

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Thank you Tracy, Your story inspires me. I am currently 44 y.o. Retired from another career and explored a dozen others to find out that I don’t enjoy any of the jobs that I had before. I started coding a year ago and currently going through the FCC challenges, and I am loving it. I wish I had started coding sooner. Even if I don’t start a new career as a developer, I am still glad that I found FCC and learned to code just because it is so much fun.

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Congratulations, and Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.


Hello, your story really inspires me, I am 32 years old and sometimes I feel that it is not my thing, but something tells me to move on, I had a job as a developer but failed and they fired me assuming my lack of experience, I am currently unemployed and so I do is program and look for work, I hope to get soon because I am a little desperate. A hug.


Hello @JavierX! Welcome!

Have you ever tried freelancing?


Wonderful, congrats!

I used to bug the IT guys at my first desk job. I hated doing Payroll Accounting Clerk and I liked playing around with the computers. Sadly, I wasn’t very persistent and didn’t learn to code that go-around, but here I am picking it up again.

Good job achieving your goal and thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

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Thanks for this post!

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Thanks for this story… very inspiring… never give up especially on things you love to do

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If although I have little time and I have not had any luck yet, I am looking for one I hope to get soon I am excited to work and program :smiley:


There’s a website called “freelancer” that might be helpful for finding freelance jobs. It was shown to me by a friend and it looks pretty good.

I imagine there were some difficult moments to start to learn something new and changing your career in mid 30s - over 40s as a woman.
I respect your new move and challenge regardless your age.
I am a woman in mid 30 and new to programming which is very brand-new to my life.
Your story encourages me.

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I want to wishing everyone happy coding ,and developer web with the interviewers were familiar with the project.