Buggy response from Portfolio challenge?

Hi forum,
I have some trouble with the response to the FCC Portfolio challenge.
It’s not that I couldn’t get it to pass, I could with a different design, but I am wondering why it generates these weird errors:

a) In a mode where vh is equal or greater than the height of the menu:

b) In a mode where vhis less than the height of the menu:

The page is this one:

Thanks for your thoughts!

I’m not entirely sure what you mean in the a/b text. Can you post a link to a Codepen that shows the problem?

The Codepen you linked to does not fail on those tests it fails on the The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.

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Yes. Sorry. I did some adjustments and decided to redesign everything. Completely forgot this post. My mistake!

What I meant though was:
If you scale the browser so that the viewport is greater than the height of the menu, it generated the first error message, whereas if I scale the viewport (reduce its height below menu height), it generated the second message.

I shall try to restore my old edits, if it is important?

Sure thing, no problem. Happy coding.