Bugs or just incompetency

i have done 172 challenges from the front end development
i learned a lot but many of my challenges are left half undone
cant solve them
its either a bug or i dont know much
wtf have dozens of incomplete challenges in BASIC JAVASCRIPT category
will it affect the my final certificate that i will get ?
tho i have done almost all of the necessary challenges with the * symbol

mm, I’d say it’s probably a good idea to take another look at those challenges that aren’t completed yet - I’ve been working through the front-end challenges, and I’ve definitely hit more mental roadblocks than bugs in the exercises - you may just need to give yourself more time to figure out the problems

tho does it affect the certifcate the non necessary challenges?

as far as I know, the only ones that’ll keep you from getting your certificate are the ones with the asterisk [*] - I haven’t gotten my certificate yet, but that’s what everything seems to indicate.


In my experience there is always a solution (when someone submits a challenge they have to include an answer that works.) So there is an answer, Read the hint, search (stack overflow) then hit the gitter rooms. They have got me past a block on more than a few occasions.