Build a 25 + 5 Clock Cannot solve user story #27

I made this project on this code pen.

My 25+5 codepen

I couldn’t clear only one thing, which is user story #27. I tried to play the sound(alarmSound) at line 28. Just below the line, I made interval so that the sound can last 3 sec.
But the test is not passing. I realized that I couldn’t hear the sound on codepen, I could hear it on my local CRA environment. Is it the cause I can’t pass the test? I
would appreciate any help!

User Story #27: The audio element with id="beep" must be 1 second or longer.

The audio file isn’t a named export.

The assignment should just be const audioFile = not const { audioFile } = when you use a file URL.

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Thank you so much! it worked and that was why I couldn’t pass story #27.

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