Build a 25 5 Clock User Stories 22-23

I am working on the 25+5 clock and have it functioning correctly. However, I am failing tests 22-23 the transition from session to break timers. My timer hits 00:00 as is required in the earlier test, and after 1 second it switches both the label and sets the timer to the break length but the test is still failing. I have played with the code for a couple days now looking for a fix but have been unable to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated!

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Challenge: Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a 25 + 5 Clock

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I think codepen might be referring to that HTML section itself when it’s evaluating tests 22-23. The text under the element “time-label” may change in the console, but it doesn’t change within that HTML section.

Maybe take “Session” text from that time-label div in the HTML and input the text using the javascript instead?

As in statuslabel.innerText = variableName ?

Then do the same for the “time-left” div


Thanks for the reply. Even after changing all instances of innerHTML to innerText for the time-label and time-left divs it still isn’t passing the tests. it is failing the same two. I am unsure of how I can fail 22-23 but not 24-25 as they are all about starting a new countdown after reaching zero. 22-23 are switching form session to break which fail, but I pass the tests switching from break to session, but I cant find anything different between the cases.

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I don’t mean changing innerHTML to innerText.

I mean, removing the text from the time label element so it looks like this

<div id="time-label"></>

And then adding the text via javascript

I did that as well after replying and still with no luck.

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