Build a Boilerplate Backend Development

Hi, I started backend 2 days ago. I got started and have not been able to get back to the learning course. I cleared my bash I tried three different browsers and having been able to continue with codeally. When I login and press start "Build a Boilerplate
" it gets stuck on there and when I refresh I go back to the same loop. Not sure what else to try. Please help.

I’m not sure @ahmedmarwanko - there may be a similar issue happening here. Are you sure cookies are enabled? Is there any logs in the console you can share.

I was able to complete “learn Bash By Building A Boilerplate” I also marked it finished in the playground vm. However, when I go back to my curriculum the task doesn’t have a check mark next to it though I successfully completed the first task.

There’s some troubleshooting steps you can try here @ahmedmarwanko. Let us know if they work.

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