Build-a-celestial-bodies-database- Project Issue

Good morning everyone! I am facing a recurrent issue with the project mentioned above this post (Celestial Bodies DB) basically once I was trying to create a dump to add my project into a GitHub repository somehow I have wrongly setup some commands and this error is showing up once I am trying to check on some of my created tables (see screenshot below)

Please community if someone of you can give me some thoughts or any workaround I would really appreciate it!! Cheers!!!

I haven’t seen that one before @edassgon. I found this article. It’s saying you should enter something like:
reindex index pg_catalog.pg_trigger_tgrelid_tgname_index;
Give that a try and let us know if it works.

Thanks for the help @moT01 although after running that command the following error result is showing up

Try this @edassgon. Log out of the freecodecamp user (close psql - \q will do that). Log back in with the super user/admin whatever: psql -U postgres universe - I think that’s correct. Then run the reindex command again. If it works, log out and log back in as the freecodecamp user again.