Build a Drum Machine failed #5 and #6

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I think my machine is working and do all is described on the test, but for some reason I just can’t pass #5 and #6. Would anyone please take a look at my codepen? Thanks!

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See the Pen Fork Me! FCC: Test Suite Template by Mandy Wong (@mkmwong) on CodePen.

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I do not see any HTML in your pen.

I think they are sending the capital letter for the test, try accepting that on your input event… because in keycode ‘Q’ is not equal to ‘q’.
maybe that’s the test failure that you are having.

You are creating a new audio within your function playClip

 const link = new Audio(document.getElementById(;

but you are suppossed to trigger the audio clip contained in its child <audio> element.

So try rewriting your playClip function using the audio id as parameter.