Build a Drum Machine validation stuck

Within each .drum-pad, there should be an HTML5 <audio> element which has a src attribute pointing to an audio clip, a class name of "clip", and an id corresponding to the inner text of its parent .drum-pad (e.g. id="Q", id="W", id="E" etc.).

I just don’t see a mistake:

Elements are rendered as:
<div class="drum-pad" data-key="Z" id="Kick-n'-Hat">Z <audio controls="" style="display: none;" class="clip" id="Z"><source src="" type="audio/mpeg"></audio></div>

I really hope is not cose of the style="display: none;"
Can someone please advise…

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Challenge: Build a Drum Machine

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First, you’re missing src attribute in <audio>. You have added <source>, but test expect explicitly src attribute.
Second, tests are expecting for the <audio> element to be clicked, not the JS Audio object to be constructed and played.

The tests unfortunately are not testing the functionality, but implementation, which actually is considered a bad practice.

I can not add src to audio itself.


I get Uncaught DOMException: String contains an invalid character from Vue and it fails to build DOM.

Seems to me it needs audio to have < source > in it. Witch is a valid HTML markup anyway.

Works for me:

It doesn’t matter. As I mentioned, tests are testing for specific attributes, not the functionality.

Thanks for your help, I got it working.

But I have to say, even for example last requirement is :
## When a .drum-pad is triggered, a string describing the associated audio clip is displayed as the inner text of the #display element (each string must be unique).

So I changed Vue apps data object to reflect that element, it was printing out values but it didnt pass the test, only when i fetched DOM element itself and set innerText it passed.

This just seems wrong to me. I mean whole point of using this framers is to manipulate data. Not DOM elements.

Anyways, thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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