Build a Markdown Previewer - can't pass User Story #5

Hello fellow campers.

I am on the Build a Markdown Previewer challenge but I cannot pass test N° 5 (When my markdown previewer first loads, the default text in the #editor field should contain valid markdown that represents at least one of each of the following elements: a header (H1 size), a sub header (H2 size), a link, inline code, a code block, a list item, a blockquote, an image, and bolded text.).

I have one of each element asked for in the User Story N°5 but I still cannot pass the test and don’t know why.
To see the preview just cause an “onchange” event in the textarea element and you’ll see they all look as they’re supposed to.

Here is my pen: .

Thanks in advance!

It says your page is not found.

I don’t know why the link isn’t clickable. Maybe you painted the dot at the ending? Because without it it works.

By looking at its log,

write some markdown representing a codeblock, i.e. <pre><code>...</code></pre> : expected false to be true
AssertionError: write some markdown representing a codeblock, i.e. <pre><code>...</code></pre> : expected false to be true

it’s having problems with your codeblock. Try writing some real codes in your markdown.

I type it with three backticks on each side and it renders like a codeblock correctly and I tried with the code tag on each side and works as well. I don’t understand what the problem is.

Ok I could solve it by tabbing so that the backticks are on the line before and after the text and not all in the same line. Thanks for the help!

why you did not use React components to brush up your skills .

Oh, in this case I just preferred using no framework, but I did other challenges with React.