Build a Markdown Previewer: doesn't passed because of "Option 8"

request 7 is optional but it prevents me from validating the test, is that normal?

What do you mean, it prevents you from validating the test.
It looks like the test suite is still passing you for the other tests and you could technically submit the project if you wanted to.

Also, screenshots are hard to read.
It would be better to share your codepen.

Sorry I don’t undersatnd this.

It is not preventing you from submitting. Take this url over to the submission page and submit it. You’re fine.

Done, but why I don’t have the same result inside the preview that inside FCC solution:

The fcc solution has the optional test.
That is why it is showing 8/8.
To get the same result as fcc you have to do the optional test.
Otherwise it will show 7/8 but is still eligible to be submitted.

Hope that clears it up.

If you are interested in the optional test then here are the docs for that

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