Build a Markdown Previewer - review

Dear All,

I would like to ask you for your feedback on my version of Markdown Previewer.
Here is the link to the webpage:

And what’s more important to the code:

Also, I would like to ask how to fix my code on CodePen to shoe results:


To make it work in CodePen add to JavaScript in ‘Settings’ and remove ‘const marked = require(“marked”);’

I avoid using position: absolute it’s very inflexible, I use CSS Flexbox and sometimes CSS Grid.

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@greyti8888 thank you for your reply and quick fix to the CodePen code. Now I see it fails tests :frowning:

Regarding position: absolute, I also use CSS Flexbox and grid, but I also wanted to try out property that is fully supported, I didn’t know that it’s inflexible.