Build a Nightlife Coordination App- How to make the user login system

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The app that you link in the project files is not working so can anyone help me with the following;
this is what I did so far:

It does not satisfy any of the conditions of the challenge, The map I made allows you to see all places in the area that qualify for the term ‘nightlife’ it also allows you to refresh and see different places if you want to see other areas. outside of your immediate location.

User Story: As an unauthenticated user, I can view all bars in my area.

How do we create a login or authentication system? which section in freecodecamp explains how to do this?

User Story: As an authenticated user, I can add myself to a bar to indicate I am going there tonight.
User Story: As an authenticated user, I can remove myself from a bar if I no longer want to go there.
User Story: As an unauthenticated user, when I login I should not have to search again.
//please explain this more in depth

it seems to me this challenge will require me to create a login system, get some data from the user and make the app to be dynamic based on this. I did not see where in codecamp this is taught?
Wont we need to store the user info? passwords? the data on who is on the list to go to each bar so its displayed?
P.S. I looked through a few posts on the forum on this and could not find a working example.

Hint: Try using the Yelp API to find venues in the cities your users search for. If you use Yelp’s API, be sure to mention so in your app.

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Authentication is in one of the back end sections, the one about security.

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