Build a Palindrome Checker

Question 1: what is path to style.css and script.js? I am unable to include in my html file.
Question 2: In step 7 I can get correct div result using splice(1) or replace(‘_’, ‘’), but it doesn’t satisfy the check? please help. btw step 8 passes check with replace(’ ', ‘’).

it’s styles.css, but the script file is script.js, the path is that.

For any other help, please share your code.

Thx for the hint!
I left out the “s” in styles and had the script.js in the head instead of before the closing tag :frowning:

followed the logic in the example, used switch statements for all the cases, and all passed!

btw I was getting passed on my code without the palindrome check! those shouldn’t have passed.

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