Build a personal portfolia webpage

hi ,got stuck …need some help.thnaks

Stuck on what ?

Let’s correct a part of it.

1- First, HTML code does not matching W3C usual structure : See this https :// : your nav tag should be after the header.
Then add top:0; top you’re css nav class.
2- I personally prefer putting the script at bottom of a page, but if you use “async” you can put them in the head tag
https ://
3- There are many section closing tag without open tag before, you should remove them then.
4- In your Header->Div you wrote “align=‘center’” if you want to do inline style it’s more like : style=“CSSproperty:Value;”>
5- The error 4 waiting for a class named “project-tile” and you put “project-title” change the classname by the wanted one, even if “tile” is weird.
6- For the error 8 : Id is unique, and you call profile-link multiple times, remove or rename them, then you should be able to create your link like git
7- Change your welcome-session css id for

Hope it helps, and remove space in link to check them, can’t post link.