Build a Personal Portfolio Challenge

Just went to start this challenge and the Pen referred to in the Objective is quite different than the example Pen in the accompanying YouTube video. The former appears fairly basic with no graphics but user inputs to send an email, the latter is much polished looking with graphics in the foreground and background (and no user inputs to generate an email).

Which one am I trying to build based on?

Maybe I’m overthinking this!

Also, being new to FCC can someone confirm that when I submit a challenge that it is effectively an honour system…nobody is checking my work unless I post here on the Feedback forum requesting someone review?


You just have to fulfill the User Stories listed on the challenge page.

  • User Story: I can access all of the portfolio webpage’s content just by scrolling.
  • User Story: I can click different buttons that will take me to the portfolio creator’s different social media pages.
  • User Story: I can see thumbnail images of different projects the portfolio creator has built (if you haven’t built any websites before, use placeholders.)
  • User Story: I navigate to different sections of the webpage by clicking buttons in the navigation.

FCC challenges have changed over the years, so you will sometimes see older projects or examples that don’t exactly match the current requirements. For all projects, but especially the portfolio, it’s a good idea to keep coming back and applying new skills as you gain them. If you keep polishing your portfolio after each project you do, it will be something you can actually show off to potential employers (of just for bragging rights) when you’re done with FCC.

You’re correct that the projects aren’t reviewed or “graded” by FCC.

Thanks, I appreciate the quick reply.