Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage- Feedback Please!

Hello! I just finished my portfolio webpage, and I would love if you guys could give me any feedback.

Thank you!

Rueben’s Portfolio (

A Pen by Rueben (


I haven’t done the portfolio yet. Yours looks so cool with the gradient animation!

Though your bio/description does a weird blinking when loading. Not sure if it’s supposed to do that.

Anyway, I love the colors you used, very tropical :smiley:


Hi Rueben,

you put alot of effort into the site, but I see many newcomers making this mistake:
Too much color, animated or not.
Excessive use of color screams “amateur”, it makes a site look cheap.

is great source for inspiration, not just for freelancers. You will get an idea what is seen as professional and a hint what you are competing against in the current job market.

Try to tone the colors down and see the difference, you for sure have the dev skills.


Thanks for sharing this amazing resource, Daniel.

Thanks ! and yeah the blinking is a keyframes animation.

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Thank you for the feedback and for the resource!

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