Build A Personal Portfolio Webpage -> Feedback

Hello everyone! I need some feedback for my freshly made Build A Personal Portfolio Webpage Project :grinning:

Hi Photon,

Website looks realy nice, however I have some comments:

  1. Check font-family for all on-site text because it’s visually inconsistent.

  2. Check this image:

    These logos are responsive in only one direction.

  3. And this:

    I don’t know whether you did this on purpose, but equal size of ‘project-title’ divs would make site more elegant and clean.

  4. In mobile resolution I see horizontal-direction scrollbar, perhaps you could hide it with property overflow-x.

Good luck,

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Thanks for feedback! i fixed issues 1,3,4 yet could not reproduce issue 2 on my end. What browser/device did you use?

Desktop, Win10, Chrome

for mini personal projects, it’s better to use generators
I suggest: