Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage - Navbar Test Issues

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I build the portfolio project some time ago before the curriculum was revamped. I originally strung together the navbar with some stuff I found on google and bootstrap. Because of the amount of divs I have, I’m not exactly passing the navbar link test, and I’m failing AND passing test number 3?
Has both an X and a check for test 3.

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I know the code is a bit of a mess. Should I go about rewriting my page to pass the tests? Or will I be ok?
The relevant code is in the top commented section <!- - Navbar - ->

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User Agent is: Chrome/68.0.3440.1066.

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Cool site, well done.

When debugging why you did not pass tests, look at their error logs that’s been generated like this one. That’s very helpful.


Re-writing your code is a personal preference thing for maintainability. If you think you will comeback to this code often and make some changes, then yeah try to refactor and simplify your code.

It would also be better if you don’t use framework like bootstrap. Portfolio site is somewhere you show off your skills so it will be more impressive if you build it from scratch.

Lastly, it looks like you have some kind of margin issues going on that makes your screen scroll-able to the right.

Good luck!