Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage - Problem copying code to CodePen

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I made the “Portfolio Webpage” case completely in Visual Studio Code. Locally (using Live Server plugin 5.5.1 to check my progress). When I copy my stylesheet.css to, the website seems to render a portion of the CSS rules as html at the top of the html.

Here is the link to my project on CodePen:
My project Build a Personal Portfolio Website

What should I copying or adding wrong?

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Huh…If i delete all your code that CSS is still there.

Try creating a new pen and copy your code in there. You can paste in the JS or link it in settings. Something might be wrong with the Fork.

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Hello david
I tried to delete the comment you have on line 97+ and the ‘error’ was gone.

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Thank you so much!
That’s the power of collaboration! Sometimes comments are the big bug :slight_smile: