Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage, review please!

Any opinion is welcome.

Sorry, again.

Nice, I don’t like the colours because they are a little dull but it’s your site so you can choose the colours

Hi @icxc !
It’s nice .A few things

  • The text of home in navbar is not visible when you hover on it.
  • The text (My name is Per) doesn't looks good on 360 px.
  • The follow me on ... , goes out of navbar at 440 px.
    • I hope it helps.

Hey there, your site looks simple yet functional. My feedback would only be the colors you chose for this. You can check out for nice color combinations. And a little gradient wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile: If you’re feeling a little extra, I suggest come up with a logo.

Kind regards,

Shreyas, Rohan, Nadine thank you for your feedbacks. I am considering and I will adjust the page.

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