Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage , to use flexbox or grid

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I would like to know if we are supposed to use css flexbox or grid to create the personal portfolio webpage? I am unable to section out the different sections

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You’re free to use either Flexbox or Grid, or even to use both together. It all depends on what you are more comfortable with or what you want to practise.

CSS Tricks has quite a good article on choosing between them for different purposes.

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I personally found flexbox a lot easier to work with, but my only exposure to CSS grids comes from the FCC curriculum, so it’s not a very informed opinion. After seeing how grids work though, I’d call them complementary technologies: you’d use grids for the broad layout, vary the grid areas with media queries, then put flexboxes inside the grid areas.

ok, noted with thanks

ok will try it out then, thanks