Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage user story 11 problem

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This is the error am getting.
Everything is working fine on my page.

3.The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.
Script error. (:0)
Error: Script error. (:0)
at uncaughtException.i.onerror (
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it is hard to help you without seeing your code. Can you post a link to your codepen?

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I think this is a FCC bug in the suite. I think you should open a github issue against FCC for someone to investigate.

Click on “New Issue” button here:

HI Kopel

Not sure if you have noticed but when you reduce to the screen below 360px. Your 'Send an Email" has its text content overflowing the button display…if that makes sense.

Love the portfolio. I am a newbie here, so hope i am not being too picky.

I don’t think it’s an issue @hbar1st, i think the test expects the <nav></nav> entirely at the top of the viewport, it contains the id=“navbar”, so setting the id=“navbar” as position fixed with the left and top props to 0 with a 100% width passed the test 12/12

@kopal set the position fixed prop to the #navbar insetad of ul and set the top and left to 0 and give it a 100% width

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the reason it looks like an issue (and probably is) is that it fails to produce a valid error message and fails with an unhandled exception.
I also tried doing various modifications and the test was very flaky (sometimes it failed with an exception and sometimes not).

I agree with you, first time when we test the page, it shows the test result and after we repair our code and when we test again, the result score and the error screen becomes null, that’s definitely an issue, it only clears when we refresh the page.

Other than those, i tested @kopal’s code and added the changes i mentioned above and it passed

Thanks . It passed :smiley_cat: