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I do not know how to find the viewport height I need help.

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Have a look at the section viewport-percentage lengths! I hope that helps!


That didn’t help much but thanks anyway.


You need to look at the bootstrap columns inorder to postion the pictures.


That isn’t the problem go back to my code and look at the 3 single lines and click that, that shows what I need to do but I can’t find anyway how.


Sorry I didn’t actually look at the code. I was just going on how the page looked visually.


That’s no problem it’s saying I need to set The height of the welcome section(a section I made) should be equal to the height of the viewport. but I don’t know how I’ve searched all over the internet :l


In the link that provided in the previous post, the description for the first unit, vh, is:

Equal to 1% of the height of the viewport’s initial containing block.

So 100vh, is equivalent to the viewport’s height.

You could also do this with JavaScript, such as using Window.innerHeight.