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I do not know how to find the viewport height I need help.

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Have a look at the section viewport-percentage lengths! I hope that helps!

That didn’t help much but thanks anyway.

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You need to look at the bootstrap columns inorder to postion the pictures.

That isn’t the problem go back to my code and look at the 3 single lines and click that, that shows what I need to do but I can’t find anyway how.

Sorry I didn’t actually look at the code. I was just going on how the page looked visually.

That’s no problem it’s saying I need to set The height of the welcome section(a section I made) should be equal to the height of the viewport. but I don’t know how I’ve searched all over the internet :l

In the link that provided in the previous post, the description for the first unit, vh, is:

Equal to 1% of the height of the viewport’s initial containing block.

So 100vh, is equivalent to the viewport’s height.

You could also do this with JavaScript, such as using Window.innerHeight.