Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

It is now pretty clear that the challenges done before the basic front end development projects don’t really give you the tools and know-how to be able to do these projects. So where am I expected to find answers and knowledge to be able to do these challenges? Watch tutorial videos on youtube or something else perhaps?

According to the video your not to look at the source code of the example :slight_smile: this is pretty funny because how else would you be able to find out how these websites are made? For instance: The example page has a “header banner” that stays in place while you scroll down the page. How on earth would I be able to find out how this is made without looking at the source code or somehow figuring out the right words to use on google?

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If you look even only briefly on the forums, you will find several threads addressing that. You should supplement FCC with external resources.

Some of the most popular tutorials are the Net Ninja playlists on Youtube, the Web Development Boot camp by Colt Steele on Udemy, and many more.


Just looked at the source code of the example page. OMG it is complex, the estimated time of 50h must be a joke if people are expected to do that much research without guidance.

Nevermind the source code, really. Go for the Net Ninja, his playlists are really well made and each video is really short, it will put you on the tracks in no time.

Also remember that the portfolio (and other projects) are things you’ll go back to later when you know more. So do everything you can now, knowing you’ll have the chance to improve or elaborate later.


Thanks for the advice!