Build a Personal Portfolio Webpages

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Hi Guys

Now I’m trying to design my own site as required in the challenge
But the problem is what to write? Where will I get the pictures and the material I will fill out the contents of the site?
Do I imagine ??
Is it permissible to design a page for someone else (a famous person)?
Since there is no content on my websit
Or should I create a personal page?
all the respect

Write: Hello My name is XYZ. I create websites.

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and then , what’s the next step ?

at you can get a lot of images in case your lacking own images. and a lot of ide´s have also a build in Lorem ipsum function but there is also a generator online just in case you need some “content” to fill your portfolio webpage as long as you have no own projects.

You can replace all of the fillers as soon as you have your own content to fill the page with. :slight_smile:

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I think you can use your own photos and pictures
You don’t have to use the exact same pictures and text as in the example page.

@taqwaaa I agree with what has been written. Just make a basic kind of template to begin with - random filler text (lorem ipsum and placeholder images). That’s okay! As you do more projects you will have more to put on. For now you should be able to link to your Tribute Page in the projects section of your portfolio.

I think the time will come when you will be able to write a little more about yourself, your skillset etc. I will admit I also had a hard time thinking about what to write about myself.

I would also encourage you to look at others’ portfolios to see what they’ve done. I would consider the portfolio to be basically a kind of resume. Someone may look at it (or another portfolio you make) some day and make a decision to hire you or not.

At the moment the beginning stages of the project is just implementing the layout via code. You can do that with fake content and that is a good place to start.

Why don’t you try something, spend some time on it, and ask for feedback or next steps in the forum later again!
Happy coding! :smile:

Hey @taqwaaa! I think you just could use your own data: “who are you, where are you from, your experience, education status etc” in the description. Also, you could note technologies which you learning on the freeCodeCamp right now as your stack.
For your projects, you could take any pictures from the internet. Or you could take placeholders, which is sometimes helpful for the pictures you don’t have yet. - this project can be useful for this purpose.
In the contacts section, you can put out your own social network links etc.
The main goal of this challenge is meet you with some basics development, so don’t focus hard on content anyway.
Good luck!