Build a Pinterest Clone - Requiring Twitter Authentication

Hi all,

I’m currently set to work on my next project: Building a Pinterest Clone. However, one of the user stories listed is to allow users to login in with Twitter. From what I can tell, the only way to do this would be to use Passport-twitter.

However, passport-twitter requires you to have a consumer and key from Twitter. To create an application on Twitter and receive these keys you must verify your mobile phone number with Twitter. I really don’t want to give out my mobile phone number and was wondering if there was any way around this.

Has anyone managed to fake a number for Twitter? (Most receive sms sites I know aren’t accepted).

Would it be acceptable to allow logins from a different source, like GitHub, instead of Twitter?

(Until now I’ve been using passport-local authentication for the dynamic web app projects)

I am sure it would be ok to allow a different type of login other than twitter if you are not comfortable with using twitter. freeCodeCamps main focus with that user story is for you to understand how to implement user authentication.