Build a Pomodoro Clock CAN'T PASS COUNTER TESTS

Hi all, My project isn’t finished yet and i’m doing it one step at a time and by doing this i stop whenever i do a step and it doesn’t pass it’s test.I have tried the counters a hundred times manually and i looked at my code over and over and over and i failed to determine the reason why the counter tests fail ???!!!. if it’s not too much trouble can someone also help me with the link of an audio to the beep sound ?
Here is the link to my project :

You’ve been testing it… how? The tests themselves are looking for a #start-stop, which is where it will simulate a click to start testing your timer. Without that, it has no way to hook into your page.

That’s the main reason for explicitly ID’ed elements for the curriculum – it allows the testing suite something to hook into.

You are manually able to trigger the counters, which is great – but the test suite doesn’t know how, nor does it care.

ohhhhhh so that’s why i was failing the tests…see i wanted to work my way from the beginning one step at time so i didn’t create the play/pause button nor did i create the panel which displays the timer, i was trying to finish each step and make sure it works, that way it would be easier for me to know where the error is if it’d happened …apparently now i must complete the whole project then fight my way through errors.I tested them manually by simply clicking on them.Thanx for your time and i hope someone would help me find a link for the audio of the beep sound because i couldnt find any audios for the drum project except in a post in the forum of codecamp.

So work it backwards – build all the HTML bits and name them accordingly, so that you know the UI will meet the test requirements. Then, after, start wiring the buttons to trigger actions, test each button.

I like to build the components one small part at a time and test THAT too, but this is a case where you’re being given the tests whole-cloth. So here, where you’re going to be developing the javascript, the HTML is more a cosmetic detail. Build that part and worry about the code bit after.

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