Build a Portfolio for an Illustrator - add dynamic content

UPDATE: since I have not found an answer yet, I edit the post with new infos and more focused questions. I hope I’ll find help.

I need help because I’m going to start my first real world project for a friend, an illustrator who is at the beginning of her career.

What the illustrator wants:
The illustrator would like a portfolio website, initially without shop (but in the future we’ll add it, i think). The structure will be something classic, 4 pages with Home, About me, Contacts and Works. The relevant part will be the works section, since it will be a classic grid with illustratino.

My question:
What I would like to do, is that she can add new works without my help. So, if she has a new project with planty illustration, she can transfer these works and the site will automatically upload this images. My question is, which way I should I do to do this?

My idea:
I was thinking, that in the work section with illustration, it’s composed by cards, with the same structure but different content. I noticed, that in my Drum Machine Project (and also in Calculator) I render some buttons, which are different for contents but equal for structure, and they take data from an array of objects (you can see that here, line 72). I imagined, that this could be possibile also in a HTML page with a script which calls a collection, which is the file that it will be updated with the images. Is it possible or just my mind that went too far? How much would be hard to do, considering my skills?

My Skill level:
I work with HTML, CSS and jS, and I’m actually working on React projects and frequenting a DOM manipulation course. I’ve been learning for 7 months.

WordPress and other CMS:
I read that this is possible and easy with WordPress, but actually I don’t like so much it. But in case you suggest that for now would be, the best solution, I would reconsider it. I know that WordPress is based on php, that I don’t know. Would be a good and easy alternative Strapi, which I read that is based on jS?


are you talking about a ‘dynamic’ site or ‘static’ site?! too little information on this matter!! it depends on your project requirement and amount of time you have to put into it, i suppose!!

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Thanks, I rewrote the post, changed the title and went more specific.

are you saying it’s going to be a ‘marketplace’ or 'portfolio for your ‘friend’? and yes, wordpress is always an option, there others like it, such as squarespace and others where you hardly need any coding to deal with, other than just managing content

besides, template comes with a lot of codes that you wont be using in your project, so there is that, to keep in mind!!

but if you’re asking for design aspect of this website, you can try ‘matrialize ui, bootstrap, foundation and others like them’. if you’re asking what should be your project stack, well that depends on you and skill set that you have

about payment gateway, i cant really say anything on this regard, but it should not be that hard other than using any other library in your project, you could look into their documentations, and see what they recommends

i aint no expert here, but here are my two bits on this…

hope this was helpful, goodluck :slight_smile:

Actually I think she would like both, a Portfolio with a Marketplace section. Is it confusing or is there a ‘concept’ problem with it, you think?

it becomes two different thing!! if you move to a ‘market place’ approach then it’s needs to be a ‘dynamic’ site where as for a ‘portfolio’, it’ll be more like a ‘static’ kind of a site!!

i dont think there is any problem with concept rather implementation challenge that comes with it, thats all :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: since I have not found an answer yet, I need to edit the post with new infos and more focused questions. I hope this time I’ll find help.

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