Build a Portfolio for real employers

Hello! There is only one project left in the FCC Front End section, so now I’m thinking about real deal. I know that if you want to get a job, you’ll need your portfolio with real projects, and it depends on what kind of job you want to do.

I mean some frontenders create apps, some create websites from scratch etc. I would like to start with creating websites, so my question is “Will it be enough to add sites to my portfolio page that I’ve done for real people?And how many should I add to land a job?”

I mean if you want a position where you’ll be creating mobile apps, add stuff which is realted to app developing, if you want to build websites, add websites, so the employer’'ll be able to see what can you do and which technologies you know(HTML,CSS,Bootstrap,Jquery,SASS,React etc).
Am I right?

That will depend on the sites you created. Do any of the sites you have created for others highlight your greatest skills as a web developer? If so, include them.

Better to have a small number of really polished apps than to throw in everything you’ve ever built. I doubt that anyone looking at a portfolio is going to dig into more than about 2-3 of your apps. My portfolio has 11 - which could be too many.

Also, I think its a good idea to show some range of technology, not just use the same stack for everything. Maybe experiment with a different CSS library or a different database.

Real apps for real people must be better than personal projects - but only if the code is good…