Build a Product Landing Page AP

After quitting for 1 year I decided to come back and I started FreeCodeCamp from 0.
Last time I didn’t even worked on a project.

So I’d like some feedback to understand if I’m doing good and how I can improve.
The project is ideed the Landing Page and is not mobile friendly, however should be adapted for every PC screen and Tablet(or at least I hope so, couldn’t check it properly)

Here’s the link:

Thank u in advance!

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Got a nice look to it - appropriate use of fonts and colours for the theme and looks nice on my display.

One thing I would say is that you should get rid of the overflow attributes in your grid and make the images just a touch smaller. This would eliminate the need for the overflow attribute and stop the weird scroll effect when you’re using a mouse wheel to navigate the page and you catch one of the grid pages - meaning the page stops scrolling and scrolls inside the grid entries instead.

Really promising though and I hope you keep up with it. You’re in a similar boat to me. I tried a good while back and have only now come back to it 100%.


Thank you very much for your feedback. I’ll keep everthing u said into consideration and as soon as I’ll reach my “study goals” I’ll fix it.

I really like the look, and the opacity of the menu is pretty sweet!

One “nit” i might pick on, make the logo and its text a link back to the top. currently, you can get to the “about”, “destinations” and “contact us”, but no way to return to the top of the page easily.

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Wow! That’s true! When I firstly implemented the code the logo was a link to the top of the page. Not sure why I removed, maybe a mistake. Thank you for reporting it!