Build a Product Landing Page - Diagon Alley

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I’ve finished coding and polishing my landing page project. Please let me know what you think, thank you!

Diagon Alley - Product Landing Page

And here are is the link to the challenge itself.


Nice job @sitek94. You page looks good. Just a couple of minor things to revisit;

  • Check that the user has entered a valid email address, throw an error if not.
    • you learned to do that when you did the survey form
  • line 20, the form element has the id attribute repeated
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Thank you! I’ve fixed that now :smile:

Just one question, because it really impress me how you find all these errors / mistakes.
Do you use some additional tool to catch things like this double id for example?

… or is it just experience :smiley:

Good work!! It looks good and pretty clean!! :+1:

Gracias amigo! Veo que eres de Granada, fui ahí el año pasado y me encantó :smiley:

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You know how when you see a typo and it has a greenish glow about it and it smells like bacon? Yeah, me either.
Seriously, sometimes things like that jump out because of many, many code reviews. This one I did catch with the W3C validator.


De nada!! Me alegro que te gustara. Es una ciudad muy bonita, aunque ahora en verano hace muchísimo calor :fire:.

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Made my day :smiley:

Okay thank you, so it’s like with everything, practice, practice and a little bit more of practice :slight_smile:

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on you’ll find a down arrow at the top-right in each part of the project HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you click there, you’ll see Analyze HTML, analyze CSS, analyze JavaScript … , just click there to see any code error. This is your first point to check it all other than some validation issue. You may check it now yourself

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Also, found duplicate selectors in CSS line 250 and 271 @sitek94, click on Analyze CSS and find the error and fix it yourself.

Good work! Go ahead…

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That is so cool! I didn’t know that option, thank you! :grinning: All fixed now :slight_smile:

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