Build a Product landing Page. Feedback please! Version 2.0

Hello campers,

This is my first attempt at building a product page for an actual business owned by my relatives.

I might actually use this project as a real business site but apparently it still needs lots of refinings.
Please give me all sorts of constructive feedback please! (Responsive view is still being worked on)

Thank you!


This will really help you out if you have not looked at it. I’m on mobile, so I’m not going to point out all the things you’re currently working on

Thanks :slight_smile: I will check it out.

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For better usability, maybe a fixed navbar would be a good improvement and perhaps make everything in a section fit within one screen without needing to scroll. Your page is lovely :slight_smile:

Hi, this is some points I come up with:

Your box-shadow for youtube video should not be red, it’s better to be black.
Another thing is you applied the material box-shadow to the video section, but your button in the map section is not material. You should make it all material.

In map section that you have an input for the email, its better have some paddings and a little better structure for the email input.

These were my opinions, you can totally ignore it :smiley:

Looks really good, well done.

I noticed that the subscribe button is not the same height as the email input (I’m using Chrome on desktop).

Thank you for suggestions guys! I will work on them!

Can you explain what you mean by material box-shadow please?

Do you just mean add box-shadow to the button in map section?

The site is now responsive!

Feel free to give any additional inputs especially on phone/tablet views. Thank you!

@Cody_Biggs Good info there, I made some paddings between different topics.
@velvetpants Nice tips there, I wish I could’ve made it fixed too! But my logo is a png file with transparent background. And a white menu didn’t look too good so I had to pass. I also thought about making each section one scroll but wanted to emphasize certain points. Thanks for your suggestions though!
@amirition Thanks! I made some paddings to the input boxes.
@Ebrahem Good catch there! I adjusted its height.

Looks good! The only thing I would say is there looks like a little to much space after pho, before you get to vermicelli. Everything else looks equally spaced.

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Holla from Sandy, UT.
Good job on the page!
Pho is life!

Hi there friend,


Menu images seemed to not have loaded all the way. I’m using latest of Firefox browser. Windows machine - mostly updated. Nav buttons up top worked properly. Clean feel. keep doing what you’re doing!

Thanks! I will take a look.

I think everything in the contact section should be scaled down a but, and given more white space.
video too. Looks so cool!

@amirition I agree that the video shouldn’t have that much box-shadow. In my humble opinion, shadows should be subtle, like in real life.

isn’t actually responsive though.

Good point.

But I am not supporting screens smaller than iPhone5/SE :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will see what I can do :slight_smile:

Then limit the min-width of the page to 320 pixels, because once it reaches 320 pixels it freaks out.

That makes sense, I will look into that. Thanks.

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