Build a Product landing Page. Feedback please! Version 2.0

Looks great, I’m checking from mobile so its responsive and neat. My only suggestion is to use progressive jpeg for images, they load more smoothly and increase user satisfaction.

  • You need to give “Beef Steak Pho” a drop shadow or something. It doesn’t look smooth against the image.

  • There is too much of a gap between the bottom of the pic and the menu. Too much white space.

  • in the menu area you should put the pad Thai pic and description on the left above the menu like the right side, so they match.

  • There is too much padding between the “CHECK OUT OUR RESTAURANT REVIEW!” and the video, and well as the bottom of the video and the Contact section. I would also remove the “!”.

  • For the map, I would use this open-source project. You can find it here.

  • You have no footer and really need one.

Looks good and I hope my comments help!

@mdivani Thanks! I will checkout progressive jpeg.
@geekysmurf Thank you for taking your time to write this! I will work on them :slight_smile: