Build a Product Landing Page - Feedback

Completed the landing page project. Any review is highly appreciated.

Project Link


When you run the test, read the AssertionError description in red to give you an idea of what is wrong. IMO, there’s enough of hints for you to fix them :wink:

EDIT: to align header items, remember a flexbox :slight_smile:

depending on level of familiarity with error messages, the AssertionErrors can be hard to parse:

AssertionError: Each .nav-link element should have an href attribute : expected false to equal true
look like your nav-link class is on the li elements, its looking for it on the a elements.

AssertionError: The #email input should have a name attribute : expected false to equal true
the input for email needs name="email"


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: :

The FCC community rocks :+1:

megantaylor, That was helpful, thanks! But, I’m wondering how you knew this and why I didn’t. Did you just remember this from part of the curriculum, or did you go searching, or what?

Thanks! I came for the nav-link and got the name=email as a bonus.