Build a Product Landing Page - HTML Inner Link using "id"

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I checked HTML inner link using “id” attribute.
If I click the navigation bar, it scroll down to show other information, but not the location where I wanted to show.
Please help me to find out how to fix it.

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Please find the codepen link here.
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I think it has to do with your #upper-container which is actually overlapping other content. Try removing the position: fixed; from #upper-container and while that doesn’t look good, it gets to #features correctly.

For #info, there is also a problem that you have the <h3>Info</h3> above the #info div, instead of inside of it.

And, for #subscription, your page isn’t tall enough to scroll to a point where #subscription is at the very top, and it also has the problem where the h3 tag is before the div tag, and should be inside of it instead like it is in #features.

Check this link for some solutions.