Build a Product Landing Page Mistakes

I need help with my code:

  1. I can’t add icons , but I think I have correct code
  2. When my page is smaller footer is overwritten with product prices
  3. On smaller page product prices are shown as column, but they don’t have margin between and select button is on the bottom border

Welcome to the forums @nkalandadze.

The “icons” you’re trying to use are Font Awesome icons. You need to provide the link to font awesome for the icons to appear.

Your media query is not place correctly. It should not be placed within a selector.

On a side note, don’t try and replicate the sample projects. They show just one way of completing the project. The instructions say your project should be “functionally similar” and “give it your own personal style”.

I suggest to change your header position to sticky, and section with the id pricing set the height to auto , if you set it to fix like (n)px , then you have to set the height for mobile or every single viewport to adjust the sizing.

Thank you. Really helpful with #pricing and footer. When I change header position to sticky it doesn’t stay at the top when i scroll down

Thank you. I will consider your advice