Build a Product Landing Page [Overflowing From a Div Inside Flexbox]

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The “Purchase” buttons are overflowing out of their div, which is wrapped in flex.
How do I fix so that the div adjusts its height to contain all its contents?

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You have quite a bit of nesting there. I have added display: flex; and flex-direction: column;, and other things on the buy-button and flex-content.
If you use space-between or space-around, you don’t need to be so precise with the width percentages.
A direct child of a flex container is affected by the container, but I don’t think that a child of the child is.
You might want to add some more flex-wrap so that your products wrap as well.

You could also use flexbox in your nav and not have to mess around with floats.

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Thanks a lot. It works exactly how I wanted. I’ll have to work more on flexbox knowledge.

Yeah, flexbox can save a lot of work.
This is a nice visual guide into flexbox:

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