Build a Product Landing Page - passed all the requirement to fix the navbar at the top; but the nav bar is not on the view port at all

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I passed all the tests; but my display looks awful.

The last requirement is to fix the navbar at the top. Once the code is in place for fixing the navbar at the top, the test passed my app all 16 requirements. But the displays is not right at all.

I would appreciate it very much of anyone can help me figure out why this is so. I am using Bootstrap as part of my page.

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I use the inspector tool. All elements are in the DOM. For some reason the youtube iframe is absolutely positioned at the top and fills the <section>. In the screenshot notice that I unchecked everything to do with the video embed and now you can see the rest.

Thanks for taking a look at it, @tlc35us. It’s weird, though. I’ll look for a fix later. For now, I have to move one to the next project.